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 “The farmer’s Calendar is a wall mounted objet d’ art. It depicts the farmers life over a year”

The farmer’s Calendar Pattachitra painted on RW board 42” x 42” The Patachitra Chitrakars in Odisha mostly live in villages and are deeply connected to the agrarian way of life; some of them are also seasonal farmers. In The farmer’s calendar, the Chitrakar shows the farmer’s life over a year – the farming activities, the festivals, the full moon Purnimas, etc. composed on a radial grid.

Base colours are filled in on the canvas, where the entire composition is detailed out in pencil. Master Artisans often paint directly on the canvas. — at Collective Craft Studio.

Gangadhar Moharana The Master Artisan at work — at Collective Craft Studio.

Each Pattachitra painting is often finished by a team of several Chitrakars – each working at a separate stage. — at Collective Craft Studio.

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