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Our story so far.

The Brand

Collective Craft is an artisan-centric design initiative started in Odisha. The studio engages traditional crafts skills in contemporary product and space design and works towards creating environmentally responsible design solutions.

Collective Craft conceptualizes, plans, designs and develops products in a co-working studio where artisans work alongside designers and architects to meticulously handcraft products and provide solutions for space design projects. The constant challenge is to help the Artisan find relevance for his/her work in a changing world.

The studio also works with other Designers to design and produce customized craft products, installations and spaces.

Collective Craft promotes excellence in Crafts skills, supports and sustains Artisan livelihoods, and nurtures and revives languishing and dying Crafts traditions.

Contact Us

Telephone: +91 9971293327

HIG 223, Kanan Vihar, Phase 1
Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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